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Yesterday Tuesday 8/5/2017 the wife (she doesn't get out very often) was taken to the Tamworth branch to do a bit of shopping, She spotted a 3mtr diameter free side standing garden parasol priced at just under £50 pounds as she is disabled she asked the customers services for assistance which was duly given,

So far so good, unfortunately the assistant came back to inform her that they had sold out but that she would check out some other branches to try and locate one for her, Minworth had not got any but the assistant located just one instock at the Nuneaton branch who said that they would reserve it in the wifes name and that we could pick it up from there,

Late on the night they are open 24/7 she decided that she would like it delivered so finally contacted the Nuneaton branch to ask them if a delivery was possible. We got to talk to a person from the night shift who said that they wouldn't have any information on the wifes order that we would need to phone customer services on Wednesday 9/5/2017 which we did.

GUESS WHAT, yes your right, customer services say that they have no record of either the call from the Tamworth store or of a reserve order for the wife. Do you know I have often seen workers walking around with the saying on the back of their little coats saying, "We Can Help"
I think that this information should now be changed to: We Can Hinder.

Virtually all searches of their stores has not revealed if this item is still available and if so which stores have them instock. The annoying part about this is not only that the Tamworth store went out of their way to help but that we would have gone to the Nuneaton branch and most likely found that they had either sold it or had run out of stock.

Thank you ASDA Nuneaton, the lesson learned here is that if the store hasn't got what you want at that moment then don't bother pre ordering it and the expecting to get it from another store    10-05-17