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ive not got my fathers watch back.... the manager told me that he would fetch it from the watch menders11th may, after 2 weeks of it been there, he told me he was of sick with food poisoning last week and couldn't get there. and vet the lady told me that when he had gone to get it the watch wasent on his list to collect,? he promised to have it back and he himself would ring me......we rang again on 15th to be told that it was there and the manager had gone home with food poisoning, that 2's in a week, and on the 16th a a lady rang to say it was in the shop to collect . so I have it back now for my father, still I cant work out why its took 3 weeks to put a battery in a watch, and 7 phone calls to get it back with all sorts of excuses to why they haven yet got it back, after been told it would be 2 jewellers not know how to any thing and have to send everything away I wonder.    16-05-15


2 weeks ago 27th april, took a watch for a new battery.[my fathers] told it will be back on wed as it has to go to Nuneaton. left phone on thurs 29th went into Bedworth to collect. no not ready it will be sat. at that time asked fro a watch trap to be altered and a ring made smaller that I had brought that day. yes they would all be back on sat,,on sat 2nd may. not not back come back later and will have rung to see if its done and I will go on the bus to collect it. rang later to be told they are busy now and we could collect them at 2.30 p.m from Nuneaton. all this time they had not used our phone no to ring us.
so we said no we will collect on mon. at the Bedworth shop. and again not back so went on tues went to the shop . and got the ring and 1 watch.the one that only needed a battery we were told the man that does them wont be in till fri so come in on sat. sat 9th came and rang them again. and no watch as the man that checks them didn't come in and to call on mon11th. at no time have they hang me to tell me any of the above, we have done all the calling at the shop or ringing to find out where may fathers watch is.we have waited 2 weeks after been told 2 days. and the staff wonder why we are cross about this when we ring or call in. they have made no effort to sort this out just fob us off every time.
the watch needed doing quickly as my father wanted a new battery in his watch. as he has been told he has terminal cancer my be 4 weeks. and they have had his watch 2 weeks now. and no sign or phone call of where his watch is and when it will be ready to collect now. very upset for my father as he wanted to have it working before he passed.    10-05-15