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This is my one and only go-to yarn store. Visiting this shop makes you feel like a "kiddy at Christmas" or a "chocoholic let lose in Thortons"! The quality of the yarns is amazing, the staff are amazing and helpful. Being crafters too, the staff are able to help / advise if you're stuck or want to substitute a yarn.

If you're busy with a large project and aren't sure how much yarn you would require to complete it (and you can't buy all the yarn at once in fear of landing up with loads of leftovers) Wool Mountain offers a fantastic service of keeping aside the yarn for a period of a month. How great is that?

Definitely a MUST for all yarn lovers who want to get their "fluffy-fix"!   10-11-12


This shop is amazing and definitely the one-stop shop for all your pampering needs! The prices are fabulous and I've yet to walk out of there without purchasing something that I couldn't find elsewhere. There is a variety of high quality products and something for every one (from buying your first nail polish to stocking up on your age old make-up bag!).

Well worth the visit.   10-11-12